About us


Since 1987 Hans Tørsleff management systems has educated project managers in using technical tools for project management.


The company was the first to become a Microsoft Partner in Denmark, and since the first version of Microsoft Project saw the light of dawn, we have educated many thousands of satisfied users of the program throughout Scandinavia and the United States. As far away as in the Far East we have helped both small and large companies implementing Microsoft Project in ways that has relieved everyday work.


While our specialty is implementing Microsoft Project we also develop specific solutions for project management.


We have succeeded in integrating ERP and HR systems and developed solutions based on mobile clients.


All our solutions and products focus on making work easier for the project manager.


We have succeeded in creating unique solutions for companies in the construction business, the pharmaceutical industry, governmental sections and regions. See who we have helped here.


Within the wide range of Microsoft Project and IPW TimeReg® we offer both whole packages of implementation, education and customization and smaller deliveries depending on the needs of the user.


IPW TimeReg® is a very simple tool for project management. We have expanded it for years, so that it now can be applied to all kinds of businesses. It can be tailored to almost any special need. So if you want to register or track time on any kind of work, we have the best tool for it. Click here to take the test and see, if we can meet the demands of your company.


Our company can offer any kind of software for project management, project counseling, implementation and development. Don’t hesitate to call If you would like to hear if we can meet your requirements in the best way – or write to us here.


At Hans Tørsleff management systems we like to cooperate closely with our customers. We come to you with years of experience and are ready to hear your specific requirements and work with you on solutions.

Our vision


Our vision is to assist companies in utilizing the organizational and tradewise advantages that technology can offer by applying technology to project oriented work in new and creative ways.


Our focus is to create organizational and financial advantages for companies with IT- solutions. Our goal is to make every company and organisation we work with an efficient and inspiring place to be – without tiring routine work.


Hans Tørsleff management systems seeks to provide an excellent organisational framework both from the perspective of technical challenges and the way we organize ourselves. We strive to put everyone who works with us on a steep learning curve and give them insight in technological areas that will ensure success for their business.


Our vision is to remain an independant company. We are prepared to form alliances, also of the financial kind, but we want to obtain our independency and we believe, that we as an independant company with good alliances can spawn unique groundwork for good business with a very clear profile in the market. We also want to utilize the advantages of being independant. We have our own culture and don’t need to ask for anyone’s advice before making decisions, but we make sure to have general agreements on cooperative targets.

Our mission


“Based primarily on Microsoft technology we build solutions for project management, that can improve and optimize companies competitiveness.”


Our mission is partly to attract highly qualified labor and partly to give our employees the possibility of advancing with a great amount of freedom. Each of our jobs gives the individual the opportunity of gaining increased knowledge of top technological areas.


We work on creating paradigm solutions, that are constantly improved and updated, together with our customers. We typically offer solutions that we from experience know work and have tested and that can be developed, expanded and tailored to the customer’s needs.


Hans Tørsleff

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