The making of an app


Fast and efficiently

Hans Tørsleff management systems can create modern and user friendly apps fast and efficiently. We can help large and small companies, and we have experience in developing solutions for tracking time, planning of routes and for the construction industry. If you need an app that has similarities with the ones we already have developed it will be even easier, cheaper and quicker to reach launch of the app.


An app for the organization

An app for communication and filesharing within the company can ease many workflows. An internal app can be developed to give your coworkers an overview over the company and their colleagues. It can include easy access to mail, calendar and contacts. But it can also be used to show statistics and the state of sales, customers, consumption and meetings.


We are certified in developing apps and can develop them for either your iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone.


Our advisers can quickly understand your business idea and adapt the right app for you. We will be delighted to make you an offer.



Step 1

You bring the idea. We listen.

Step 2

We design and create a prototype with screenshots you can evaluate, and the underlying functionality is described.

Step 3

When we agree on content and assignment, we can give you a fixed offer for the job.

Step 4

Finally we upload to App Store or googleplay, so end users can start using the app.

Apps we have developed


IPW TimeReg®:
A tool to control the consumption of time, that gives a complete overview of how you utilize your resources across projects, cases, activities and departments. The app is used by large and small companies and gives the opportunity of tracking hours on site and efficient billing.


Read more about the app here.

Route Optimizer:

This app will give you the opportunity of choosing among more addresses and calculate the optimal route between them. You can pick over 50 addresses from a central database and from the phones of your own address book, and when the route through them is optimized, it can be sent, locked and saved.The calculation of the fastest route is based on a combination of distance and traffic.


Read more about the Route Optimizer here.

Construction Route Planning:

The app maps out and calculates distances to construction sites, and provides directions to the desired destination. The app is timesaving and provides efficiency and overview to construction managers, fitters and suppliers over the whole country.


Read more about byggelogistik here.


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