Module 2





The purpose of the course is to teach the participant to connect employees to tasks in projects and to solve conflicts of resources and problems created by overbooking. Furthermore the course focuses on following up on activities and their expenditures of time and costs. The participant will also learn to organize and complete progress reports.



The participant learns how to distribute resources following a variety of activities of differing types.


The aspects of cost will be analyzed and the participant will learn how to make use of different ways of calculating costs according to a variety of timespans in Microsoft Project.


To be able to solve conflicts between resources is a great part of controlling them. We will walk you through how Microsoft Project can solve these conflicts through a variety of channels.


The last part of the course teaches how to follow up on resources and cost. We show how plans can be updated according to various strategies and see how Microsoft Project can calculate the consequences of a given progress report. Costs include time of start and end, expenditures of resources time and cost.


The course is completed with an examination of Microsoft Project’s reporting options. The participants will try out making a plan for reporting, using a test project as an example.


  • Establishing pool of resources
  • Distributing resources
  • Distributing resources to different kinds of tasks
  • Connecting costs to a project plan and terms
  • Solving conflicts of resources according to various strategies
  • Preparations for follow ups on original plan and budget
  • Progress report on time, resources and cost
  • Solving conflicts of resources in updated project
  • The earned value of the updated project
  • Reports on expenditures of resources and cost
  • Reporting with Gantt followup charts



The participant receives a working knowledge of Microsoft Project by learning how to plan resources and costs and calculate the cash flow of the project. Finally the participant can complete an update of resources and costs.



Basic knowledge of Microsoft Project, corresponding to what is taught on the first module.

It isn’t mandatory to have accomplished module 1: SCHEDULING AND FOLLOW UP, but it is an advantage.



This course supplies you with 7 PDUs.



1 day


Hans Tørsleff

management systems

Gammel Kongevej 161
1850 Frederiksberg C

CVR: 30807960