Module 3





The purpose of Microsoft Project Module 3 is to teach the participant how to use Microsoft Project for several concurrent projects drawing from the same pool of resources. Furthermore this course gives insight to some of the more advanced features for adapting interfaces and automating work flows.



The participant in this course will learn how to use Microsoft Project for multi project managing where all resources come from the same source. We show how the pool is established appropriately and how you can gather an overview of each resource’s entire load.


We show how every single project can be prioritized high or low according to the limited resources, and how to solve eventual conflicts between tasks and their distribution of resources.


The course gives the participant an understanding of the features that can make Microsoft Project’s interface efficient for you. For example, it is possible to remove all non-used options so you only have the kind of menu that fits how projects are organized in your company.


Finally we will show how certain work flows can be automized through macro coding.


  • Establishing pool of resources
  • Connecting to projects
  • Connecting projects
  • Solving conflicting resources in a milieu of multi projects
  • Adapting displays, menus and tool bars
  • Consolidated displays of multi projects
  • Progress reports in multi projects
  • Creating macros for progress reports




After this course, the participant will be able to use Microsoft Project as an advanced tool for multi project management, you will be able to adapt Project for more efficient use on your own.



Experience in and knowledge about time- and resource planning equivalent to the content of module 1 and 2 is not a requirement, but it is an advantage in getting the most out of this course.



This course supplies you with 7 PDUs.



1 day


Hans Tørsleff

management systems

Gammel Kongevej 161
1850 Frederiksberg C

CVR: 30807960