New version of IPW TimeReg®


IPW TimeReg® is a project-based time sheeting system for recording time on activity level for any company to keep track of timesheeting of the employees. This system provides a complete overview of how to track your resources work across projects, cases, activities and departments. With IPW TimeReg® you can utilize all the relevant key information of a given project. The project can be broken down into activities as detailed as desired and based on project templates, which makes it easier to create new projects, and activities. It streamlines your work planning, makes it easy to follow up on tasks and quickly generate reports. Thus, project managers can make well-informed and balanced decisions.


In the new version of IPW TimeReg®, we have overhauled the system framework and design in tune with the latest technology. The whole product has become easier and more flexible to use and works more intelligently. At the same time the old source code of legacy system has been modified without affecting the working functionality. So, the new version provides better performance.


The brand-new version of the IPW:


  • Couples with all other .NET components, because it is developed in the ASP.Net.
  • Runs on many different platforms, whether it is the IPad, tablet or phone.
  • Offered as a Cloud solution for rapid deployment.
  • IPW TimeReg® has an API toolkits that simplifies and enables the end user to integrate with various systems.
  • Has an app for iPhone attached.


The Cloud solution of IPW makes the product easier and cost effective to use. Since it can either run on the company’s internal servers or run as hosted solution, it can be deployed quickly. When running as hosted solution you only need to pay a monthly fee for each active user. In other words, we follow the SaaS - Software as a Service model.


With IPW TimeReg® you can make personalized timesheets that are aligned with the individual organization and providing a dashboard of time consumption per employee in each day, week or month, Department, team, project or case.



IPW TimeReg® can be integrated with Microsoft Project, so tasks from Microsoft Project can be exported to the time sheet. When allocating resources to projects the time that is registered in IPW against each activity will also be mapped with the scheduled time in the Project and the actual time utilized. Furthermore, IPW TimeReg® designed Project ID’s and work breakdown structure can be exported to the widely used accounting systems.


IPW TimeReg® comprises of multiple modules which can be activated and customized

according to your needs as given below:


  • Budget module: makes it easier to prepare the budget in accordance with various models like: periodical budget, allocation budget and others.
  • Flex time module: IPW TimeReg® contains a flex time module that gives employees the facility to Register Flex time and respective department managers to approve it and allows users to register:
  • On different kinds of flex account, vacation, time spent on travelling.
  • Holiday module: IPW TimeReg® keeps track of holidays, Leaves taken and Leave status of the employees.
  • Integration module for Axapta: where projects from the Axapta system integrated with IPW, on which registered hours is sent back into Axapta when registrations are approved.
  • Run-time accounting module: IPW TimeReg® contains a module that keeps track of the number of kilometers covered by the employees during business trips to clients.
  • Authentication: the authentication module enables employees to send work hours for approval. They can then be approved individually or a group.
  • Report module: Reporting module makes it easier to upload reports to Excel and report on the various metrics of projects and concerned departments.
  • Email notifications: This module alerts employees and their managers if there are no hours registered for the allotted projects.





All data is on the cloud and the communication between the cloud and each individual user is encrypted.


Server configuration:   

Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and other browsers

Office 2010 or newer

SQL server 2008 and later versions are supported

Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.0 or later

Microsoft Windows server 2008 or later


Read about IPW TimeReg® with respect to the individual business needs here.


We can set up a new client online, if you are interested in testing the IPW TimeReg® in the free trial period. IPW TimeReg® is designed and developed in close association with our valued customers. IPW TimeReg® was created out of real and extensive customer needs. It started with the company Novo Nordisk to keep track of a growing number of employees with an ever-greater need for flexible budgeting and time registration. New modules of IPW TimeReg® are being developed continuously and IPW TimeReg® is upgraded when there are specific needs that the page will be included as options to the program.


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