We have a great team of dedicated developers who are specialized in iPhone development.


The applications we develop are mainly in our core area: case management and project  management. Most of the iPhone & iPad applications work together with administrative data located on different databases such as Microsoft SQL Server.


If you are interested in getting some information about how a development project is handled please contact us via the link on the right and we will give you a bid on an overall development. A typical development contains a functional description, which of course is made in collaboration with the customer, the design phase which establishes a prototype that shows the screens the application must contain, and of course a description of the underlying functionalities.


On this basis, we can give you a price on the overall development where the last phase consists of us uploading the application to App Store, so that your users / customers quickly can start using the application.


We have Denmark sharpest prices on developing iPhone Apps and our consultants can quickly see opportunities within your business area, and come up with the right iPhone App for you.


We will be happy to give you a cost estimate of developing an application for you.

Please check the various iPhone apps we have developed out on our website - you can install some of them directly from your iPhone.



Construction Route Planning App


Hans Tørsleff Management systems has developed a Route Planning App for Construction workers within the Danish firm HusCompagniet A/S. The application is made for building managers and Construction workers that need to get from one building site to another in the easiest and fastest way possible. The Application identifies and calculates distances to various company construction sites, as well as provide directions to the desired destination directly on the phone.




The Route Planner App is a solution that provides time-saving, efficiency and an oversight for building managers, engineers, and so on. Don’t you want your company’s logistics streamlined as well?


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