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Hans Tørsleff Management Systems has developed a unique solution that can manage simultaneous construction projects. The program is simple to use, while designed as an add-on for Microsoft Project, it provides a quick overview of the resources that are associated with the common resource pool and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual company.


The resources  can be grouped into any number of teams which can be quickly printed for work planning, i.e., teams specific resources can be researched, analyzed and reported on.



This approach is designed to afford faster turnaround time for projects with fewer errors by:

  • Providing a user-friendly system for construction managers, supervisors and planners
  • Automating features that support business processes
  • Monitoring projects with custom functions
  • Offering a fast learning environment
  • Present resource summaries, enabling better resource(s) use

This product offers greater visibility for the stakeholders by:

  • Offering external access to customers and suppliers (requires Microsoft Project Server)
  • Allowing customers and suppliers access to their own projects and tasks so they can track project progress and parts delivery status (requires Microsoft Project Server)
  • Better overview of the project portfolio
  • Using the standard features of Microsoft Project Server quickly and efficiently provides overview of projects ”broken down” by, for example, geographical location
  • Allowing customized reports and printouts designed and adapted to the user

Our product provides flexible and generic solutions with customization options such as:

  • Menu designs that adapt to the company and project organizational structure
  • Optional integration to/with external systems via standard integration to Microsoft Project Server
  • Ease of integrating with ERP, Axapta, Navision, etc.

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”Our Construction Project Planning solution provides a comprehensive overview of your project, from beginning to end. It offers you a solid sense of security because you control the project and resources and manage monitoring completely while being able to adjust easily to unplanned tasks."


- Lars Sorensen, Technical Manager, HusCompagniet Ringsted.


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