IPW TimeReg®
The easier and better way to administer working hours


IPW TimeReg® – The easier and better way to administer working hours


With IPW TimeReg® it is quick and easy to budget your tasks. You decide how much time each activity needs for the project to be finished at the scheduled time and cost.


Every user reports their consumption of hours as they go.

And you can print reports in Excel.


IPW TimeReg® is a simple system, that can be implemented in a couple of days and be tailored to your needs via the set up tool bar. It can be added to quite a few modules to fit the specific company’s needs: Vacation, overtime, driving, budget and more.


With this program you can link all relevant key information to a project. The project can be broken down to activities in as many levels as you wish, it can be based on project templates, which facilitates event planning and transparent reporting.


Every employee gets a personalized timesheet with cases and activities the individual is working on, which makes it simple to report what time is spent on.


IPW has a variety of user profiles, that open up to various tool bars and makes the system easy to use.


Project managers have their bar, where cases can be established and activities can be linked to employers. You can quickly overview how time in your company is spent, and you can run more projects simultaneously.

What does TimeReg® give you?



Geographical flexibility

With the web based version of the program, you can share information independently of physical borders.

Our apps make it even easier to record your time whenever and wherever you are.

Read more here.



Flexible time

All kinds of time can be registered: Flextime, time of coming and going, absence due to sickness, vacation.

The program can be integrated with Microsoft Project, Dynamics AX and other ERP systems.




IPW has a module for electronic approval of hours spent by a department or project group.



Versatile reporting

We’ve made it possible to report in all combinations of projects, departments and employees. All reports are shown on screen and can be printed and transferred to Excel.


Add-on modules


  • Project structure
  • Budget
  • Normtime
  • Vacation balance
  • Flex time
  • Work load registration
  • Mileage
  • Acceptance of timesheets
  • Acceptance of flex time
  • More languages
  • Library of terms



  • Gives a quick overview on projects and activities on several levels.
  • Facilitates easy comparison between actual and planned budget.
  • A product of many users best-practise.
  • Easily integrated with Microsoft Project, Dynamics AX and other ERP systems.
  • It is easy to record start and end of projects, flex time, absence due to sickness and holidays.
  • Reporting module that makes it easy to report from all kinds of organizational levels, transfers reports to Excel. Via dynamik links on the SQL server these reports are always updated.
  • Mileage gives a quick overview of miles that are driven by employees, on projects and activities.

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What do customers say about us?


“IPW TimeReg® gives Orbicon great flexibility and a good functionality. The implementation of IPW TimeReg® has been well received by the 600 users who now are going to use us in the future as their daily time registration tool, plus employees have the option of attaching notes to their various registrations, which many users appreciate a lot.”


– Jan Skårup Sørensen, financial controller, Orbicon


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